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Suitable for adults with good taste who enjoy a comfortable lifestyle,high-quality items, selective and with a simple design.



Leo Lionni

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1910. An artist who worked in the United States as an illustrator, graphic designer and picture book creator.
His picture books include, “Swimmy”, “Frederick” and “A Color of His Own”.

Raymond Savignac

A master of the French poster art world. Born in France in 1907.
He became famous with his poster for “Monsavon Au Lait”. He later produced numerous masterpieces for major companies, such as Air France, Perrier, and Michelin,movies, as well as public posters for Paris and Trouville. They continue to be loved all over the world for their unique style, easily understood expression, and lovely humor.


Diane Harrison

“Diane Harrison” is one of the most famous British design studios.
With their cute designs, they pleasantly decorate tables and kitchens.

Shaun the Sheep

“Shaun the Sheep” is a world popular claymation created by Aardman Animations, Ltd.
These features many unique characters such as Shaun and Bitzer.


Gaspard et Lisa

Gaspard et Lisa follows two six-year old best friends as they experience the wonders and challenges of school, family life and their Paris neighborhoods.

Outgoing, curious, and devoted to each other, Gaspard and Lisa are the centres of each other’s lives, and the rest of the world usually finds itself caught up in their adventures as well.

Gaspard and Lisa throw themselves into life head on and never anticipate the consequences, inevitably leading to a …CATASTROPHE!!!!!!!

The duo always manages to find solutions to these mishaps and they celebrate their success with a joyful cry of “Triomphe!” together with their signature hip bump.

Gaspard and Lisa fits like puzzle pieces. As inseparable as opposite sides of a coin, together they create unstoppable forward momentum.