We provide One Stop Service



Items handled include Japanese dishes, western tableware, heat resistant ceramics, earthen pots, lacquerware, chopsticks, glass, wood products, cloth products, Japanese miscellaneous goods, etc.
From original development to store production, we do planning as a total coordinator of anything related to dishes and tableware.
With the sensibility to realize a certain lifestyle and our product procurement ability, we will make a comprehensive proposal.



Centered around our Seto store logistics center (about 10,000 square meters) we have bases in Sapporo and Osaka.
We collect a variety of products from pottery production areas located all over Japan.
Also, we collect not only crockery but also tableware-related items from overseas.
We carry out all the functions before shipping, from inspection to packing to assembly, and we deliver the goods to you.
We also have an order reception center, and we are working closely together.



Utilizing our know-how and expertise in the field of ceramics, we are engaged in the planning and development of ceramics and Japanese miscellaneous goods
for a wide range of markets, regardless of whether it’s inside or outside our industry.
We are always moving forward with many OEM production projects. Not only Seto-yaki products,
we also have cooperative factories in the major pottery production areas, such as Arita, Mino, Hagi, Shigaraki etc.
Overseas production is also possible depending on the contents.


Business development

We carry out contracting of the planning headquarters function of Japanese variety goods stores, contracting of the product MD of the stores etc.
We use the know-how gained through retail store management to assist with store development.